Canva Quick Video Tips

Personalize Graphics with Bulk Create

Have you ever wanted to create a graphic for all your students with their individual name? 

Build Create in Canva makes that a breeze!

Schedule Your Social Media Posts in Canva​

Build your social media graphics when you want and schedule them to shoot out when you want.

Swap Colors Quickly

Sometimes you have used one color in a bunch of places, such as on a newsletter, and you want to switch them out. Learn how to do that in a few clicks instead of a zillion.

Convert Text to Images

Want to illustrate a story or enjoy the exercise of writing out what you actually want to see in an image?  Canva’s text to image tool is the way to go.

Book Covers

Canva makes it easy to design book covers students create a visual representation of their story.

QR Codes

Share exciting audio, videos or websites with an easy to generate QR code

Build a Website in Canva

Have your students build and try out their own easy to use, and publish, website.

Canva Docs

Canva docs and its A.I. make writing an interesting new experience.

Build Video Birthday Cards with Canva

Birthday cards are cool and video birthday cards are better!  Canva helps you build the perfect video template that you can reuse with all your students.

Build Book Covers in Canva

A good book cover hooks the reader and pulls them into the story. Canva removes barriers to good book cover design.

Canva’s Educator Templates

Canva has a vast variety of educator templates. Let’s find them.